The Vibe

There’s no other city like Buenos Aires. Between its ability to breathe life and fire into its culture and it’s chic neighborhoods like Palermo Soho and San Telmo, Buenos Aires has a way of winning over people’s hearts.

So we created Sonrisa, a modern café-bar haunt that makes the perfect spot for social gatherings — Buenos Aires-style. Kick back with a cocktail, meet friends old and new, or order a strong cup of coffee. We promise you won’t ever want to leave.

THE Love

Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires, a city with a Latin American soul and a European heart. A city where the people are warm and the sun always shines.

Eat some delicious food, or drink some wine. Sway to the intoxicating music that dances out of the bar and spills into the busy street.

At Sonrisa, friends old and new gather to raise a glass. So go on — grab a friend, grab a drink, and stay as long as you like.

There’s something special about Latin dishes and delights that tempt, tease and leave you hungry for more.

Arrive early for a light, lingering lunch, or stay late into the night, grazing on the colourful sights, musical sounds, and small plate delectables. This is Comida Argentina done right.